Block & Liner Inground Swimming Pools

A 'Block & Liner' pool is where the pool walls are constructed of concrete blocks and then a liner is then added to form the water retaining barrier. You will need to source the blocks and building materials locally. If you employ a local builder we can talk them through the process and ensure correct sizing.

This is an ideal job for the experienced home DIYer - if you are confident doing brick & block work and have reasonable plastering skills, to render the walls/screed the pool floor, otherwise outside help may be needed for this stage.

As with all pools the surrounding edge is finished off with coping stones to give a smooth & safe finish to the pool area. A heat retaining solar cover is then added to help heat and keep heat in the pool & a winter debris cover when the pool is not going to be used during the winter.

If you are interested in having your own block & liner inground swimming pool for your home/garden then do not hesitate to call us or pop into our showroom where we can discuss your requirements and advise on your best pool kit options.


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