Panel Swimming Pool Kits

For families planning to install their own home swimming pool panel kits are great, not only will you be able to have the pool of your dreams, it will be quicker, easier, cleaner and cheaper to build.

This unique pool has a multi-flex panel which enables you to choose from a range of shapes other than just a rectangular pool - No other structural foam pool manufactured today has this flexible patented feature.

The structural foam panel is made from non corrosive structural polymer. The top and bottom rail of the panel is 4" wide and each panel has a series of box style ribs for strength. In addition to these ribs, each 6' panel has 4 vertical ribs running the height of the panel ensuring the panel will not bow when back filled. The area around the Return Fitting is ribbed and marked for drilling the return fitting hole. This reinforces this area and ensures that all return fittings are at the same level.

The panel pool kit comes complete with the following:

  • Lightweight wall panels which quickly bolt together
  • Attractive vinyl liner
  • Filtration, maintenance & chemical kits
  • Installation instructions & video

Check out the 7 Day Installation Guide here

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