Swimming Pool Enclosures

Your Swimming Pool is fantastic in the Summer Months, and even longer when heated. However if you wish to use your pool area all year round, an enclosure could be the best solution for you, with the added advantage of replacing the need for a winter debris cover or safety fencing

Enclosures can have a range of options from Fully Telescopic to enjoy open up your pool when you can in the good weather, with high to low roofs, angled or arched sides, and your specified choices of entry positions.

An early appointment with you can easily be be arranged to find out more detail about your needs, and to work with you to create, manufacture and install your ideal solution. In many cases of the low level Enclosures you wouldn't need planning permission, and maybe not if more than 5 metres behind your house.

If attached to the house or above a certain height, we would always recommend you check with your local council, and we can provide suitable information to help you through this relatively easy stage of the process. Contact us now to take that first step to Enjoying a Stress-Free Lifestyle with The Swan Pool & Spa Centre.

A swimming pool enclosure...

  • Extends the swimming season
  • Increases the temperature of the pool water by up to 10°C
  • Reduces the amount of chemicals used
  • Acts as a safety cover
  • Filters UV rays therefore inhibiting the growth of algae
  • Can be partially pulled back or opened up completely and it even allows for the possibility of swimming with the cover completely shut

Planning permission may be required in some instances but we can discuss all your requirements and advise you accordingly.


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