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800 Series

Bringing together the very best of several distinguished brand names, including L.A. Spas, the American Whirlpool is the new unique Super Brand for Hot Tubs. The UK Range brings ‘Hot-Tubbing’ right up to date and beyond, with fabulous looks, the latest technology, superior insulation, and an amazing spa experience you will wish you’d started enjoying years ago. If it’s Your Time to Enjoy a Stress Free Lifestyle, Here is the Best Place to Start.

American Whirlpool Model Comparisons

American Whirlpool offers an entire line of models to personalise your Spa experience and fit into any outdoor space.

Please view the comparison table to the left here for all information relating to features and performance of our diverse range.

American Whirlpool Colour Ranges

The Hot Tubs in the 800 series are finished in an attractive interior made from continuous cast acrylic. This is superior to Ethelyene “soft plastic” surfaces. The hard, non-porous surface resists stains, fading, scratches and chemical abuse. With the look of granite, pearl or metalescence, the extremely rugged and durable finish offers beauty and peace of mind.

The DuraMAAX Cabinet is a state of the art wood-alternative material that has the look and feel of natural wood, without the maintenance. This material is impact resistant, impervious to weather or insect damage and will never splinter, crack or rot. The attractive exterior locks in heat and seals out cold air providing a beautiful look and feel.

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American Whirlpool 800 Series Models

881AW (234cm X 234cm X 97cm High)

881 AW

(234cm X 234cm X 97cm High)

890AW (254cm X 234cm X 97cm High)

890 AW

(254cm X 234cm X 97cm High)

982AW (338cm X 231cm X 97cm High)


(338cm X 231cm X 97cm High)