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Get an In-Fit™ Swim Spa for exercise & relaxation in the smallest space and an L.A. Spas In-Fit Exercise Pool is ideal for those back gardens where space is important, but so is your fitness & relaxation... Read why they are so popular here

The In-Fit is equipped with three powerful river jets, each driven by its own pump, which can be adjusted to any swimmers level and technique. Whether you are a beginner, learning to build up strength, technique or fitness, or a budding future Olympic Gold Medal Winner, the In-Fit Exercise Pool will adapt to your requirements. Including a spa lounger and three seats, your In-Fit will quickly become an aquatic escape for the entire family to enjoy. Read more about the In-Fit Features here

We currently have 4 versions available

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Choosing Your Swim Spa

When choosing a swim spa, most people think about your space & fitness requirements. Swim spas allow you to swim, walk on the spot, and even jog in the water, depending on what you prefer, and they can be used by both casual and serious exercisers alike. With the In-Fit Exercise Pool, over 90 different exercises can be catered for with the fully specified equipment, all within the spa. The addition of rowing equipment, radio, CD, & iPod Dock will ensure you get the most from your Swim Spa.

Swim spas are perfect for home fitness but they can also be used for relaxation, entertainment, and therapeutic purposes such as pain relief, therapeutic massage, and so on. You can use a swim spa for fitness or relaxation at any time that suits you!

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