Swim Spas / Exercise Pools

Sensational aqua fitness in your own In Fit Swim Spa, whatever the weather. At night there's an extra dimension to your enjoyment with multicolour changing light effects on each of the controls, through the fountains an of course the water. Lovely! The display Swim Spa, shown above, is fully working at our show site; why not come down and discuss the many benefits to you and your family.

10 Reasons why swim spas are now so popular:

  1. Swim Spas are a more cost effective option than most swimming pools
  2. They take up less space
  3. They are quick and easy to install
  4. Offer a reduction on running costs than a typical pool
  5. They are usually fully self-contained
  6. Can be installed in as little as a day
  7. The features of a Swim Spa offer the perfect home aqua workout facility
  8. Features include swimming or jogging against a counter current
  9. Many include other options such as rowing and resistance swimming
  10. As swim spas are portable, they can even be taken with you if you decide to move home

Swim Spa

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