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About Tuff Spas

ALL AT PRICES FROM BELOW £5,000.00. Ask in-store for Finance Packages Now Available.

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BUILT FOR RELAXATION, BUILT FOR A LIFETIME – Revolutionizing the Hot Tub Industry.

Tuff Spas produces revolutionary, innovative portable hot tubs that are easy to use, functional, durable and affordable. With comfort and hydrotherapy performance like you would find in more expensive acrylic spas, and features like the almost indestructible and easy to use Tuff Top Cover, owning a quality Hot Tub has never been easier or more attainable. Every Tuff Spa and Tuff Top Cover is built to last in the harshest extremes of climate and comes with a Lifetime Shell Guarantee!

With 13A electrical rating for ease of installation, order one today and start enjoying the home spa lifestyle!

Tuff Spas are made with Blue sTUFF insulation which is made from post-consumer recycled denim that is thermally bonded. This natural fibre Spa Insulation contains no fibreglass and does not itch or cause skin irritation. And is also a very effective acoustic insulator resulting in a quieter hot tub.

  • Excellent Noise Absorption
  • Sustainable Product
  • Strong Thermal Protection
  • No Itch or Skin Irritation
  • Resists Microbial Growth
  • All Tuff Spas come standard with the Sahara Matching Stone
  • Or upgrade to Contemporary Panels or Multi-Coloured Stone
Why are Tuff Spas the Best Rotomolded Spa on the Market?
  • Solid Bottom – keeps rodents out and heat in.
  • Large Side Access Panels – for easy access to all plumbing and equipment.
  • Removable R-22 Insulation – for easy access and low running costs.
  • Multi-Level Seating – to suit all bather types and preferences.
  • Environmentally Innovative – for high energy efficiency and less of an impact on our planet.
  • Tuff Top Cover – Unique, immensely strong, highly insulating, never needs replacing.
  • Varied Jet Arrays – for relaxing and soothing hydrotherapy performance.
  • Lifetime Shell and Tuff Top Cover Warranty – for complete peace of mind.


Easy to use.
Just Relax

  • Tuff Spas offer a great place to relax and unwind.
  • Tuff Spas has a seat to fit a variety of different body types and sizes with deep foot wells and variable depth seating.
  • Seating option include: Bench Seating, Bucket Seats, Cooling Seats, and much more.
  • For maximum therapy Tuff Spas offers strategic jet placement and a variety of jet packages such as whirlpool jets, pulsating jets, directional jets, and combo jets.
  • Additionally, all same size jets can be inter-changed to customize therapy to your individual needs, and each jet can be individually turned off or on with simple quarter turn.
  • LED lighting – a multi coloured LED light is included with all Tuff Spa Models. There are multiple colour options so you can fit your light with your mood.
  • Tuff Spas is also a great place to spend time together, whether it’s relaxing as a couple, or quality time as a family, Tuff Spas is the perfect environment.


Lifetime Warranty on Shell & Cover

  • Tuff Spas are a unique one-piece spa cast in an advanced Polymer that endures the most extreme climate conditions.
  • Comes with a durable cover also for all weathers.
  • Tuff Spas are built to last a lifetime!
  • Most portable spas are made with an acrylic surface that can crack and bubble over time, but Tuff Spas are made with a non-slip polymer surface that has no layers to crack, chip, peel, bubble, or fade.
  • Additionally, our Polymer surface eliminates the need for sanding or staining often required with other portable spas.
  • Best of all, if the Tuff Spa is ever scratched, it can be repaired in seconds.
  • Large access and solid bottom – keeps rodents out and heat in.
  • Tuff Spas durability is backed with a Lifetime Warranty.


Just Plug In. 13 Amp Supply, with running costs under £5 per week

  • Take it home.
  • Fill it up.
  • Relax.
  • It’s that simple with Tuff Spas.
  • Because Tuff Spas are made of polymer, Tuff Spas weigh much less than most other portable spas and can be easily moved and transported.
  • Easy to use cover.
  • No Hassle Filtration.
  • Simple to use Digital Topside Control. Control the jets, temperature, lights, and filtration times. The temperature is clearly displayed in a LED window on the topside.
  • Gecko Control Pack is programmed to automatically turn the pump off after 15 minutes of high speed operation, for safety, and it is also programmed to provide freeze protection.
  • Side Access Panels makes maintenance and repairs on the spa simple and easy.


Recyclable Material & Sustainable Insulation

  • Built for the planet, built for a lifetime.
  • Lifetime warranty on shell and Cover that will not end up in a landfill.
  • No volatile organic compounds like other spas.
  • No resin blown in manufacturing like other spas.
  • One piece, heat-retaining shell that traps heat in and reduces electrical usage.
  • Hard-top Cover that seals with a gasket and grove, preventing heat loss, and improving energy efficiency.
  • Two speed pumps that filter and heat on low speed drawing minimal amps.
  • 110V and 220V options that offer far less amp draw and electrical usage than most spas.
  • Made using natural gas, which is the cleanest burning fuel.
  • Material is recyclable.
  • No fiberglass blown like other spas.
  • No Urethane blown like other spas.
  • Fewer emissions in manufacturing than other spas.


Tuff Top Cover (Why would you ever buy a Spa without one?)

  • Never buy another cover – maintenance-free!
  • Holds over 300lbs of weight.
  • Fully Insulated and gasket sealed – for maximum efficiency and minimum running costs.
  • Easily opened and closed – very easy to use, even by one person.
  • Cover stays with the spa – you don’t need to find somewhere to store it when it’s not being used.
  • No cover lifter required – saves money and unsightly external metal frames.
  • Opens from front or side with just one hand – for the easiest to use cover in the industry.
  • Cover stays horizontal. So, it’s easier to open and close, and eliminates unnecessary stress on your back.
  • Unobstructed view – because it stays horizontal, you have panoramic and unobstructed views over your garden or grounds.
  • Cover converts into a shelf/bar – well, you need somewhere to rest your beverage and robes, don’t you?
  • Saves space – eliminates the need for clip-on trays.
  • Powder coated aluminum arms – won’t break or need to be replaced.
  • Inter-locking design – eliminates the need for unsightly straps or chains.
  • Cover Run Off – Exclusive Channel Flow design that prevents water from pooling on top of cover.
  • No more rotting, smelly, or sagging covers.
  • Makes the Tuff Spa even more energy efficient and has the same warranty as the shell of the spa!
  • Tuff Top Cover Fitted Standard on All Range!


Tuff Spas™ warrants the entire Spa Shell and Hard Cover surface against water loss and structural integrity due to defects in the Spa for the Lifetime of the original purchaser. For original purchaser only, warranty is non-transferable.

3 - Year Equipment Warranty

The Original Manufacturers provide limited warranties on the “Topside” Controls, Heater, and Master Control centre for 3 years from date of manufacturing. See terms and conditions in separate manufacture documents.

2 - Year Pump Warranty

The Original Manufacturers provide limited warranties on the Pump for 2 years. In addition, any Prozone, Ozone or Salt Systems carry a 2-year warranty. See terms and conditions in separate manufacture documents.

1 - Year Parts Warranty

The Original Manufacturers provide limited warranties on all Plumbing and Fittings, Wiring, Cords, GFCI, Jets, Hard Cover Arm Bars, Vinyl Spa Covers, Pillows, Hard Cover Gaskets & Straps, and other non-electrical mechanical parts for 1 year. See terms and conditions in separate manufacture documents.

90 - Day Labour Warranty

Tuff Spas™ warrants all the labour involved with manufacturing defects for 90 days from date of purchase. This does not include electrical issues, issues with air locks or other issues that do not arise from defects in manufacturing.


Tuff Spas™ shall repair or replace (at our option) warranted product if it fails or becomes defective during the warranty period. To obtain service in the event of a defect covered by this Warranty, contact your Tuff Spas™ dealer or Tuff Spas™ as soon as possible and take appropriate precautions to prevent further damage to your spa. Tuff Spas™ or a designated service technician will correct the defect subject to the terms in this warranty. In the event that a replacement is necessary, costs for the removal of the defective spa, shipping costs for the replacement or repaired spa, and delivery and installation of the replacement or repaired spa will be the responsibility of the spa owner.


  • Any damage caused by negligent misuse, improper installation, improper water chemistry, and/or failure to follow instructions in the Owner’s Manual.
  • Cartridge filter elements, light bulbs, stereos and all stereo components, foam, and insulation.

This warranty is void if the spa has been subject to any alteration, misuse, or abuse. Alteration shall include any component or plumbing change, electrical conversion, or the addition of any sanitation or water purification device or heating system, which contributes to a component or unit failure or unsafe operating system. Misuse and abuse shall include use of the spa in an application for which it is not designed. Specifically: Damage caused by clogged or dirty cartridges, damage/discoloration to the spa surface caused by harsh chemicals or chemical misuse, and damage/discoloration to the spa surface caused by improper pH balance or other improper water chemistry maintenance. Damage to the spa surface caused by leaving the spa uncovered or without water, for long periods of time.

Tuff Spas™ shall not be liable for injury to any person or any claim for damage however it shall arise. All consequential expenses including loss of use, transportation charges arising out of alleged deficiency of spa are specifically excluded. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights, which vary by country.